Ancient Egyptians Forged Jewelry Beads With Meteorites From Space

Beads of Courage hosting artists to help sick kids

Egyptian texts a millennium after these beads were made referred to metal from the sky, which historians have taken to mean meteoritic iron. And the Russian meteor that streaked over Siberia earlier this year came in with quite a bang, Rehren noted, so perhaps the source of this strange metal was patently obvious at the time. Perhaps the metal had picked up some value or meaning. The tomb of King Tutankhamen, who died in 1323 BC, included a dagger possibly made with meteoritic iron. It was still good enough for a pharaoh, Rehren said.
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Space jewelry? Egyptian bead likely came from meteorite, study says

The kids love their beads. Humans are story tellers and this tells their story.” With 30,000 kids in official site the beads of courage program the need for beads seems never ending. This Saturday 11 cities including Tucson will host a bead challenge where world renowned artists will craft beads for six straight hours. “Most kids in the beads of courage program have well over 500 beads in their collection and they can stand there proudly and display their beads of courage and say look what I’ve accomplished during my lifetime and during my treatment journey.” It will be a busy Saturday at the beads of courage headquarters. Jean is asking that you stop by to see the intricate process of creating these glass beads.
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Beads do the darndest things (VIDEO)

The nine small beads were excavated in homepage 1911 from a tomb in Gerzeh , an ancient cemetery in northern Egypt. Early chemical testing showed traces of nickel, leading scientists to believe they were made from meteoric iron. The beads were prized as exotic artifacts, strung together on a necklace with precious minerals like gold and carnelian. (Related: ” Oldest North American Rock Art May Be 14,800 Years Old .”) Fast forward a few decades to the 1980s, when a fragment from the beads was retested to determine its composition using newer technology called an electron microprobe. The results revealed concentrations of nickel that were too low to confirm whether the iron came from a meteorite.
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Scientists: Meteorite Beads Oldest Example of Metalwork

Egyptian Iron Beads-Meteoric.jpg

It may look like special effects are in play, but there’s no trickery involved. As Mould explains in the video, the beads are acting in a kind of tug-of-war, with one side clearly winning the fight. But why do the beads corkscrew and twist and seemingly hesitate as they move toward the ground? Listen to the wise words of Mr. Mould for the full explanation.
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